School Visits

Bring in Eric Berlin of Puzzle Your Kids and have a Puzzle Day at your school or library!


Get your kids’ brains buzzing like never before! A school visit with Puzzle Your Kids includes up to three presentations:

  • Creative Thinking: Eric Berlin will discuss the joys of creative thinking and the thrill of the Aha! moment, with examples of “real-life puzzles” throughout history.
  • Game Show: In the second half of each presentation, we’ll put the kids’ brains to the test with a fast-moving puzzly game show, with tons of audience participation and prizes for the best puzzle solvers!
  • Wide Range of Ages: Puzzle Your Kids can adapt its presentation to be appropriate for students from 3rd grade to 8th grade.
  • Puzzle Hunt!: In addition to the above, Eric can run a puzzle event for your kids! Students will break into teams of three or four, and race to be the first to solve a series of pencil puzzles, with prizes for the first teams to cross the finish line. It’ll take smarts, teamwork, and fast thinking to come out on top—but every team that completes the event will be jubilant with their success. A puzzle event takes about 90 minutes to run and is appropriate for grades 5 and up.


Have a Family Puzzle Day (or Puzzle Evening)! Choose from three different options—any way you go, you’ll have a fun and unique event for your library calendar.

  • Shall We Play a Game?: Eric Berlin can run a series of unusual and fun team games appropriate for kids (9 and up) and their parents. Families work together to figure out the best answers to a whole bunch of crafty puzzles.
  • Creative Thinking: Alternatively, Eric can run his school presentation—the joys of creative thinking, the real-life puzzles, plus the game show with audience participation.
  • Puzzle Hunt!: Or, you can arrange to have a team puzzle event at your library! Kids will work together on puzzles in teams of three or four, burning their brains to be the first past the finish line.


Contact Puzzle Your Kids to learn more and to schedule your visit for the 2017-2018 school year!

"A very special day! Interactive and challenging! The positive response from both students and teachers was abounding."

Tobey Mintz, West Hartford, CT

"Incredibly engaging and inspiring!"

Liza Halley, Arlington, MA

"Highly recommended!: Eric Berlin gives an engaging and thought-provoking presentation!"

Tara Phethean, Briarcliff Manor, NY